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Top Reasons General Contractors Should Work with Real Estate Investors

Top Reasons General Contractors Should Work with Real Estate Investors

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why general contractors should work with real estate investorsIt is true about any industry, but especially about the real estate sector.

It is a relationship business. Real estate investments are not about numbers or scoring big deals. It is about helping others and creating meaningful relationships. Following this mantra, we are going through our 3rd year of business, and it couldn’t have worked otherwise.

The business relationship of a general contractor and an investor is a misunderstood concept in our industry. It is a common belief that real estate redevelopers are behind the lowest price and shortest turnaround time. It is thought that investors do not care about quality and will only pay bargain prices for your work.

It is not a surprise that quality contractors tend to stay away from such deals. Although, if searched carefully, working with an investor can become a rewarding and long-term relationship.

How to Build a Rewarding Working Relationship?

A successful relationship is built upon the foundation of these three elements:

  • Alignment of Clear Goals
  • Consistent Communication
  • Trust

In a struggling environment, we see that all parties are blaming each other. There is no defined concept of success. One person is trying a shortcut while the other person wants the best results.

Starting with your definition of quality is critical. Work with a contractor/investor that fits your goals. Have the contractor statement of quality align with yours. Only after that, you can start building the foundation of a successful link.

Why Should General Contractors Work with RE Investment Companies?

After years of hard work and training, you start your career in the construction sector. You know the ins and out of the building process, and you want to deliver amazing results for your clients.

However, soon after a few months, many of us realize that having the skill is not enough for making a living. We need CLIENTS and CONTINUOUS work to be successful.

It turns out that you did not get a degree in marketing, but you must advertise your skill if you want to keep your pipeline full. Another problem is getting paid on time. After you have delivered the project, you want to get paid for your hard work. If you have been in the construction sector for some time, you must know that only a few clients pay you in a timely fashion.

Choosing an investor over other buyers has a few advantages:

  • Long-term business collaboration
  • Consistent workflow
  • Timely Payments
  • Business Referrals

Long-term Business Collaboration

Conventional buyers may require your services only a few times (in a lifetime!). However, real estate investors are searching for continuous quality projects. Unlike a traditional buyer, they have ongoing construction projects.

For example, regular buyers build a house once or twice in a lifetime whereas investors have 50 construction projects ongoing in a year.  This bulk of work assignments combined with timely payments can make it a smooth experience to work with an investor.

Business Referrals

Real estate investors have a network of their own. They know hundreds of other professionals who are searching for your expertise.

When you produce quality work for one investor, you open yourself  up in a marketing channel. At MJ Property Solutions, we would love to spread the word for you. We are associated with a national group of investors. When we go to marketing seminars, meetings and meetups; we will make sure to market your services to a group of interested parties.

Learn More About the Investment Sector

Your profession as a contractor can help you live a thriving life. However, it is not the key to earning riches. Chances are that you love your work, but you also want to create a passive income stream.

Investing in real estate gives you the chance to build an investment portfolio that can bring you passive income. By working with an investor, you can continue to learn about the investment sector. At MJ Property Solutions, we use particular marketing systems and methods. When you become a part of MJ Property Solutions Team, you can utilize those same systems to generate leads for your own business.

Invest in a Long-term Relationship

Are you looking for your next project? Are you a qualified contractor?

This is your invitation to join MJ Property Solutions.

We are looking to partner with YOU for long-term. Invest in a long-term business relationship where you and we get to know each other. We are going to build a working environment where we trust each other to create an excellent product for our clients.

We appreciate talent, and we love paying for quality work. Fill out this form to submit your application, and we will get in touch with you.



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