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How to Sell a Termite Damaged Property in Illinois?

How to Sell a Termite Damaged Property in Illinois?

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selling a termite damaged houseHow to deal with a termite damaged house?

You just realized your home has termite. The damage might not be extensive, but it is a red sign if you are planning to sell your house.

Termites are beautiful looking, tiny yet strange creatures. Their ability to consume the wood is impressive. They naturally help the ecosystem. However, the same ability becomes a threat to your house. The surprising factor is that termites have somehow adjusted to the modern architecture of the home. These insects can quickly move through plastic and metal sheets. That means, they can move anywhere they find adequate wooden material. Your wooden items are not safe and so is your home.

If you have prior experience, you’ll know that termite damage is not visible unless termites have consumed the underlying structure. In households, you’ll notice a web-like structure that appears after the underlying wood is finished. That scenario shows how termites can shake the construction of the house.

How to deal with a termite damaged house?

Termites have various species. However, one thing is clear. Their favorite job is chewing on the cardboard pieces. They form colonies. If your home has excessive moisturization, the wood will become wet, and that’s the ideal residence for termites.  Termites are most active in the Spring and Summer season. If you are proactive, you can catch the problem earlier but like mentioned earlier, it is not easy to locate termite infestation before it is too late.

Dealing with termite damage is never a DIY project. You want to hire an expert to deal with the situation. First of all, get in touch with a reputed property inspector and then contact a termite removal contractor to know the cost and the possible remediation methods.

Selling a termite damaged property in Illinois

Contact the contractors and get the estimate for termite remediation. When selling a termite damaged house, you have two choices. You can sell the home as-is or sell the house after repairing the damage. The decision depends on the cost of termite removal. It also depends on the timing.

Did you find the issue before listing your home for sale? If so, it’s best to repair the house before listing it for sale. However, if you became aware of the problem after accepting an offer, then you need to negotiate with the buyer. According to inspection contingencies, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract if inspection results are not okay. You’ll need to repair the property or pay for those repairs by reducing the price of the home. Your estimate for repairs will help you determine the answer.

As a general rule, if fixing the problem costs you a few thousand dollars then it might be good to tackle the repairs. However, if the problem requires extensive maintenance then it is good to sell the house as-is.

Sometimes, repairing a termite damaged house involves complete remodeling. Certain sections of the house need to be replaced, and the project will cost you both time and money. The problem with extensive remodeling is that even after repairing the house, it can be hard to find a buyer for the home. You have invested too much money into the house, but your efforts won’t bring you profit. If you choose this option, make sure that you have the capital and you can find a buyer for the house. Also, get a transferable warranty for the repairs. At the time of sale, you can give the warranty to the buyer which will protect you in the case; problems arise after the buyer purchases the house.

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