Houses for Sale in Downers Grove IL

Houses for Sale in Downers Grove IL

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Houses for Sale in Downers Grove IL

Looking for houses for sale in Downers Grove IL ? We would love to help you with your research!

Downers Grove is an attractive area in many ways. The important aspect is that you can find all the main lifestyle facilities without paying the actual cost. The second feature is the rich culture, friendly atmosphere and rapid progress in the areas of technology, education, and real estate.

Whether you are looking for a certain school, hospital, or a high-tech firm, you will find it in our area. This article is a review of a charming area in Downers Grove.

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Why Should You Live in Downers Grove?

Downers Grove is listed among the top #200 areas of the US. In fact, it is currently ranking at the #199th spot. The exceptional improvements in the market will soon move the area to the upper levels of the scale. Furthermore, the area is highly livable and affordable for many families.

Excellent public transit facilities are available. Although more than 74% people like driving on their own, the public transit services can also help you reach your destination in no time. The same number of households (Almost 75%) earn between $75-$100k which makes Downers Grove an affordable area for many families. Considering the median sales price of $319,600 and the median earnings,  Downers Grove.seems a pretty affordable area.

Downers Grove North Schools — List of Highly Rated Schools

A-rated schools serve this beautiful neighborhood. Whether you need a kindergarten school or a High school, I am sure you will find an excellent place to educate your young ones. Here are some of the excellent schools in our area:

Highland Elementary School Rating: 8/10
Belle Aire Elementary School Rating: 9/10
Edgewood Elementary School Rating: 5/10
Fairmount Elementary School Rating: 8/10
Hillcrest Elementary School Rating: 9/10
Lace Elementary School Rating: 9/10


This list is not exclusive; it just gives you an overview of the available educational facilities.

There are currently 559 houses for sale in Downers Grove IL and in this article, we are going to present you with a newly renovated, two bed & 1 bath, single-family home. Downers Grove is a hot market and homes are selling like crazy, so you should better take action quickly. This home is not yet listed for sale as we are working on making some improvements. Subscribe to our blog to be the first one to know when this home is ready to be yours. Likewise, sign up as a potential buyer to the right for priority notice.

Houses for Sale in Downers Grove IL: 4104 Highland Ave. Dg IL 60515

This area is among the fastest selling areas with 251 homes available for sale. As of March 2017, the average days on market are roughly 42 days which is dramatically less than the previous year. The median listing price is $518,000.

Built in 1951, this home features a nicely built 2.5 garage, natural stone bathroom, and a barbecue space for family parties and occasions. The seven-room ranch gives you enough space to carry out daily life activities. Plus you are getting a beautifully modeled garden with natural water supply. As you might have guessed, the rain irrigates our garden.

Nearest located schools are Highland elementary school, Kindercare learning center, and Community High School Dist 99—North High school. If you want to do grocery, two closes options are Fresh Thyme Farmers Market and Trader Joe’s. Starbucks has already reserved a spot here so you can easily grab a cup of coffee on busy mornings.

Living in this new ranch can be an exciting experience. Are you interested? Join us and visit this interesting place.

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