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How does it work?

-Step 1-
Download & Fill Out Our Contractor Application Below, then send it to us at
-Step 2-
You will be contacted by our team to meet and determine if we would be a great fit together.
-Step 3-
You bid on the property based off of our detailed scope of work.
-Step 4-
When Approved you start work.  We love paying for completed work!

pdfClick Here to Download The Application


We have a proven system in place with a pre-determined Scope Of Work containing all the details of the renovations in one spot, making life much easier for our contractors. We select all the materials that will go into our homes, and we clearly lay out everything that we want done by our contractors, so that they can focus on doing the work they do best—contracting. Working within our system will allow you to move from job to job to job, and not have to worry about where your next job is coming from. We always hear from our contractors that one of the best things about working with us is how every component in the Scope of Work is line-itemed, and materials often even have the associated SKU# and where to purchase it included. We know time is money for both of us, so we do the extra work on the front end to make sure our budgets and timeframes are very accurate.


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