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How to Avoid Scams When Working with a House Buying Company?

Posted by jamie rudder // May 30, 2019 // Blog / Featured

Job change, divorce, or financial struggles can make you plan a quick sale of your home. You might be thinking of selling the house to deal with the situation. You might also have heard of “house buying companies” that can purchase your home as-is for a cash price. Convenience is the key here. You’ll get […]

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How to Sell a Tenant Occupied Rental Property?

Posted by jamie rudder // March 20, 2019 // Blog / Featured

As a landlord, one of the toughest challenges is to sell an occupied property. Probably, at the time of purchase, you didn’t wish to sell the house. However, the market can change. Personal circumstances and the local market can favor selling over renting. In that case, you want to sell the house but selling a […]

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What Happens After Your House is Foreclosed?

Posted by jamie rudder // February 20, 2019 // Blog / Featured

Without argument, losing your home to foreclosure is one of the most stressful moments of life. If you are in the pre-foreclosure phase and have some time, please contact us to save your house. However, sometimes, even after trying everything, you cannot change destiny. It starts with one or two missed payments and the bank […]

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Is 2019 the Right Year to Sell Your House?

Posted by Mike & Jamie // January 23, 2019 // Blog / Featured

Every year, we set new year resolutions. Often one of our goals is to buy or sell a house. You want to move into a new place or get rid of a house you no longer want. However, in both cases, you want market conditions to be in your favor. Sellers want to sell the […]

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We Buy Houses Companies: What are the Benefits?

Posted by Mike & Jamie // January 9, 2019 // Blog / Featured

we buy houses illinois

We get this question a lot. How do ‘we buy houses business works’? This article addresses this question from the perspective of a buyer. In the next post, we’ll discuss the same idea from the standpoint of an investor. So if you’re planning to be a wholesaler or a rehabber, you can understand the process. […]

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How to Sell a Termite Damaged Property in Illinois?

Posted by jamie rudder // December 19, 2018 // Blog / Featured

selling a termite damaged house

How to deal with a termite damaged house? You just realized your home has termite. The damage might not be extensive, but it is a red sign if you are planning to sell your house. Termites are beautiful looking, tiny yet strange creatures. Their ability to consume the wood is impressive. They naturally help the […]

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Top Reasons to Get a Home Inspection to Save Money

Posted by jamie rudder // December 5, 2018 // Blog / Featured // buying a home without an inspection / is a home inspection required for mortgage / what is a home inspection contingency / why home inspection is important

reasons to inspect your house

What are some good reasons to get a home inspection? Hiring a home inspector costs money, and it may seem like an unnecessary step. You have probably inspected the house yourself, everything looks okay and if everything is right, why would you need a home inspection service? Furthermore, a home inspection is not required by […]

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Listing on MLS Vs. Selling to an Investor

Posted by jamie rudder // November 14, 2018 // Blog / Featured

List your home on mls or sell to an investor

“Is it better to list your home on MLS or sell to an investor?” Your home is your asset, an investment. You’re planning to sell that asset, and you want to figure out the best and the most affordable way of selling it. When you list your home with an agent, it costs you 6% […]

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How to Sell an Expired Listing?

Posted by Mike & Jamie // November 7, 2018 // Blog / Featured

how to sell an expired listing

When your house has been on the market for 80…90 days, that’s too long. You need to do something to sell the home. We have a lack of housing supply in the entire US. Millennial buyers are purchasing properties, and it comes as a surprise to see a house that hasn’t sold in the last […]

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Tips for Hiring a Moving Company in Illinois

Posted by Mike & Jamie // October 17, 2018 // Blog / Featured

hiring a moving company

Illinois is a beautiful place. The state has so much to offer, and it’s no doubt that thousands of people relocate here each year. In that case, hiring a moving company can make it easier to pack your things and move on a new journey. How to Find and Hire a Moving Company? You have […]

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